You say you love your children, You want only the best for them, and You will protect them earnestly.

But, do you give them the best example to follow?

Is your walk consistent with your talk?

Are you the best role model to them?

Remember, your children are watching you.

They emulate your words, actions and steps!

If you worship the Lord sincerely, they too will learn to do that with all their heart.

If you teach them the Word right from their infancy, they will hide it in their heart.

If you Introduce Christ as the Son of the living God to them, they will learn to accept Him as the Lord of their life. If you display the fruit of the Spirit, they too will choose to do so.

On the other hand…….

If you set your affections on the earth and do not seek His kingdom and His righteousness first, They too will let the world get in them and give it priority.

If you are not led by the Spirit but walk in the flesh, their lives too will be the same. If you turn to the “bottle” to drown your sorrows they too will try it. If you are addicted to other sinful practices, they will find them interesting. If you don’t exercise self-control and get into disputes and conflicts, they too will set that as a standard.

Would you let your child be burnt with fire or hurt at any cost?

Then how can you let your child go on the path of destruction and end in the everlasting fire of hell?

Wouldn’t you rather desire him to enjoy the pleasures of eternity with a loving Heavenly Father? The choice is yours !!!

Leave your sinful ways, discard the old, and allow a great change in your life

Make Christ your All in All. Leave a legacy of riches to your children not worldly ones but host of them in Christ. God is giving you one more chance. Don’t let it slip by your fingers. It might be too late. Let it be Now or Never!!!

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  • Posted January 11, 2018 11:23 am 0Likes
    Cindy Jefferson

    Thank you so much for your hard work that you do for our community!

    • Posted January 11, 2018 11:24 am 0Likes
      Miki Williams

      We appreciate very ministry and every sermon! The kids love this church too

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