I was blessed with the opportunity to spend some quality time yesterday with a very special servant of God during our discussion while we both opened up with our experiences and the way the Lord has led us over the years through both the highs and lows. There was one thing that stood out as a central theme. The Perfume bottles that contain fragrance are meant to produce a sweet smell. If they are pressed or even hard-press, they will bring for the same fragrance in it even if they are crushed down yet there will be no change in its fragrance as it will bring forth the same. Hence our affirming that it is not just our action alone but our reaction amidst our heart-time that would determine our identity in Christ and where we stand.

Joseph never lost his character and identity during his hard times when he was betrayed by his own brothers nor even in the house of Potiphar or when he was in prison. Daniel never lost his character despite being thrown into the den of lions. Stephen never crushed his persecutors while being stoned to death. Peter never became trembled while he was in jail. John never became disheartened when he was exiled to Patmos. The bible says that compassion and the love of Jesus never failed neither fell short amidst his betrayal and during the times of his suffering and crucifixion… In our lives, we too are bound to face these persecutions from people that we least expect. Your closet friend or firmly or even another believer who sits next to you in the church might betray you, slander about you day-in and day-out deceive others to believe them, lie about you speak evil, they might wait and watch to see you fall, and at times even plot evil against you. According to scripture, their end is known to us (Psalms 101:5 “ Whose our slanders their neighbor in secret, I will put to silence; whoever have haughty eyes, and a proud heart, I will not tolerate.”)

Scripture teaches us of wolves in sheep’s clothing and weeds that are planted by the evil one. But what matters to God that concerns us is how we stand through it all and how we decide to react to these situations. Did we go up in arms trying to attack back or defend ourselves thinking it’s just or lay it all at the feet of God in humility and as a sheep leds to it’s slaughter accept the fact that our God is mighty enough to defend our case and fights our battles. So let us not just be self-aware of our actions but also our reactions in order to determine our identity in Christ and where we stand. Stay watch, don’t fall prey, don’t lose heart, guard it instead, the enemy might throw his best blow at you but, through Christ, we can overcome anything. Job passed the “Action exam, but his biggest challenge was the reaction” exam in life. So. let’s endure the race. Above all, let’s make our heavenly Father proud to call his children.

Be blessed.