Purity is a virtue that is as good as non-existent in the world today. But for a child of God it is meant to be intrinsic. Ironically it does not hold that great deal of prominence amongst us these days. This is one of our fundamental faults. Especially considering heathen youngsters, they have no degree of control over their thoughts, desires or emotions. It’s all a wild spree.

For us as children and youngsters and children in Christ, it is indeed a challenge to steer clear from such filthiness when it’s just all around us. Falling in to the trap couldn’t be easier since the origin of obscene and vulgar films, magazines etc. that many have fallen prey to. What’s worse, the world normalizes and justifies uncleanness, stating it to be customary of youth.

But dear youngster, please do not believe this lie of the evil one. Sometimes we may encounter uncertainties, if we can even bear to overcome all these lusts and temptations, but surely by the power of the Holy Spirit, we can, not just dodge past them but take a firm stand against it all, giving no room for Satan to deceive us or hold us in bondage. Being young in the faith, we may encounter a few setbacks and blows. Victory might not always be ours for the taking. But that’s not what counts!

God pays greater heed to how diligent, devoted, and fervent we are in our pursuits to flee from lusts and temptations, not letting go of our chasteness and purity. God surely honors His children, who are eager to please Him not just outwardly but beginning from the very heart. He grants them His grace and Spirit in abundance, to conquer even the tiniest of battles.

We cannot afford to waste any more time leading our lives in negligence, refusing to give up desire and passions, knowing fully well that, serving God requires a great deal of sacrifice. Let us not make any more compromises regarding our purity but be constantly crying out to God from the depths of our heart to keep us from falling and stumbling. Resist to sin requires radical views, which we must inculcate, beginning from a tender age, if our motive is to shine for Christ amidst a lewd and dissolute human race.

Therefore, let us not emulate any fellow person including our peer and acquaintance but wholly and solely our Lord Jesus Christ – the epitome of purity in His love for His bride “THE CHURCH”.

The strive for purity emerges from a heart that is genuine and broken. It is not momentary but throughout life’s entirety. So, let us all wholeheartedly seek The Lord and cling to what is good in order to attain it.

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    Miki Williams

    What a great article! This blog seems to be just great for us to learn more about your church

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