Ladies Ministries is dedicated to women within the church, aiming to inspire them to cultivate a robust prayer life to fulfill their role of interceding for the church. Additionally, it seeks to support women in nurturing a strong spiritual foundation for their families, enabling them to excel as dedicated wives and mothers and to serve as exemplary Christian mothers in society.

The Vision and Mission :

  • To empower women to lead lives of holiness in all aspects.
  • To equip women with a deep understanding of scripture and inspire them to share the Good News with the unsaved.
  • To influence their families and homes with the Good News.
  • The women are nurtured along with the character of the most faithful and holy women in the bible.

If you aspire to be a positive influence in your community as a woman, we invite you to become a part of this movement. Ladies Ministry is open to all females aged fifteen and above.

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